Jamel Jackson – Young King 2014

  • Accountability
  • Attention to details
  • Sense of urgency

The Young King Experience


Begin a Young King was definitely a privilege and honor that I represent still to this day. My youth experience played a vital role in my development of being a YK. Begin led by the noble Nathan James Howard & Coach P bloomed my takeoff. Building lifelong relationships with people the same color as me along with having the same burning passion to succeed by any means necessary.
Surrounded by wisdom helped me amplify my character and how how I conduct myself as a leader on a daily basics with out saying a word. My transition in college helped me understand how the little things matter. Honestly college helped me become a man and taught me how to deal with adversity. Begin a YK, I had to learn how to persevere regardless of the situation and continue to push not only for me but the generations behind me. It’s definitely been a blessing & calling to be in this position as I look back on begin a YK. I’m constantly striving for perfection and to become a better man for the people looking up to me. Accountability,Attention to details, & A Sense of urgency are three things I strive to perfect on a daily basics in this journey we call life today.

I’m current in the law enforcement academy with plans to become a detective. I have my own Training business A1 Fitness, this allows me to stay connected with the younger generation through sports. Teaching athletes the importance of hard work & discipline. I’m also in the process of finalizing everything for my mobile detailing business Top Service Inc.

“Hard work beats talent
when talent fails to work hard”
– Kevin Durant

  1. Become a detective
  2. Be the best role model possible for those in my community
  3. Successful business owner

Young Kings UWF

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