Kevin Troutman – Young King 2015

  • Entrepreneur
  • Hard-worker / Determined
  • Adaptable

The Young King Experience


My Experience with Young Kings has changed me into the man I am today. The Young Kings tour showed me there is more opportunity outside of Cocoa Fl. It taught me to never settle for less and always strive for my goals. I was never going to college until I got this experience. It was the best feeling and decision of my life to attend Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Young Kings taught me how to build relationships and communicate with others from different areas and aspects of life. From building relationships with the Young Kings board members and creating a brotherhood and bonds for lifetime.

I have an enigmatic smile that makes you feel special. I am a very charismatic man with tons of potential. I was once dynamic athlete, but in my journey, I have learned that I am a prolific thinker with a good mind for business. 

I’m determined to leave my mark while creating a legacy of my own. This year one of my goals is to set an example for my community by giving back and communicating with others who was once in the same position as me. After graduating in 2019, I began my entrepreneurial journey.

Recently, I’ve started a mobile car wash called TopService Inc. and clothing line called KoolStatic. I’m working to create different ways to inspire the youth and my peers thru my businesses and experiences of life. 

What you do today is important BECAUSE you are EXCHANGING a day of your life for it

  1. Leave a legacy
  2. Giving back
  3. Grow my business

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