Antoine Griffin – Young King 2014

  • Self-Driven Individual
  • Community Service Advocate
  • Financial Literacy Expert
  • Former College Athlete

The Young King Experience


My experience with Young Kings, Inc. has been one that ultimately helped create my identity today. I was fortunate to spend time playing ball with individuals who elevated me to get to where I am now. I was able to travel with funds that were raised specifically to allow us to see college campuses and compete at college football camps for a scholarship. This trip gave me the inspiration and motivation to get to where I aspired to be. Although I did not arrive where I thought I wanted to go, it led me to the destination of where I am supposed to be.

My goals in the near and long term are to succeed as a Realtor and create income to where I can invest in businesses and Real Estate. I want to coach Realtors to succeed in Real Estate and other individuals who are interested in learning about finances and what they can do to change not only their life, but their family’s as well. Lastly, I want to be able to retire early (33-40) and take over this organization to help it evolve to a whole new level.

What you do today is important BECAUSE you are EXCHANGING a day of your life for it

  1. Become a Realtor
  2. Become a Realtor and Finance Coach
  3. Get Married + Have Kids
  4. Get involved with YK and begin getting students access to scholarships

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