Sergey Poroshin – Young King 2014

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  1. Project Manager
  2. Former athlete
  3. Result-oriented

The Young King Experience

The best word to describe my personal Young King experience – inspiring. The group is full of individuals who not only strive to make those within the group more encouraged to follow their dreams, but also focus on helping those around them strive for excellence.

From the very beginning of my Young Kings Journey, it has been an experience that any young student of not only school and sports, but life should take a part in. From the team traveling to different college campuses and exposing student- athletes to different collegiate sports programs, to fundraisers and setting up events to give back to the community, it all molded me into the man I am today. Not only the events, but the visionaries within the group. I had the opportunity to attend both high school and college with a few who were all unique in their own ways yet brought together by the common ultimate goal- achieve greatness. Those individuals have inspired me to follow my own path that would lead to growth, and to this day continue to do so. In addition, I have made connections through Young Kings that have helped me excel professionally and have had an impact on my work life.

One of my goals moving forward is to become the best professional that I can be and become one of the best project managers at my job. I am working on attaining this by gaining experience in different projects that I am currently leading. Another goal of mine is to eventually invest my money into opening my own gym. I want to help others by not opening a place where they can monitor and control their health, but also an area for athletes that are training for sports. This will lead to different events that will impact the community in many positive ways. I plan to continue to grow as an individual and better myself daily in all aspects of life and utilize the resources that are provided to me by the Young Kings Organization to help me accomplish that.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.

~ russian proverb



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