You Will be King or Queen

Young Kings, Inc.

Why ?

The Young Kings and Queens Organization is committed to societal enhancement. Members of Young Kings and Queens distinguish themselves through a steadfast dedication to uplifting their communities, families, personal growth, peers, and those in their surroundings.

Who ?

The Young Kings organization consists of professionals from diverse backgrounds. As a non-profit organization, it relies on the dedication of volunteers who are wholeheartedly committed to fostering the development of the next generation.

When ?

Young Kings Inc. was founded in 2007 and has successfully mentored over 200 high school students many of which have graduated college and have started their careers in technology.  Some of these students started as college athletes and played in the NFL, XFL, CFL and overseas leagues.

How ?

Annually, the board commits to recognizing new students within the community who show promising talent for further development. The program organizes several workshops, primarily centered on mentorship and offering opportunities that empower these students to achieve their individual career aspirations.
About Us

Meet The Board

Vice President

Dr. Steve Primus

Business Analyst
Target groups for YKYQ Candidacy (High School, University)

Target Groups

High School


Where we have been and where we are going

Path to the Kingdom

The organization was founded in 2007 with the initial goal to provide young men mentorship and training towards their athletic collegiate goals
In 2014 YKI expanded it’s scope to create a network of college coaches to provide very specific exposure to college coaches
Ties To Technology
In 2014 YKI expanded it’s scope to create a network of college coaches to provide very specific exposure to college coaches
T2T and Covid
Expansion of virtual mentoring events to support the youth during covid & expand provide the youth a voice for equality

2024 will be focused on expanding and building business partnerships

Get Involved

Become a mentor to support a Young Kings and Queens event or provide a donation. There are many ways that you can support our mission. Get involved now.

2024 Events

August 2024 - Dell Technologies & Young Kings, Inc. Diversity Panel

Diversity Panel to identify and grow areas of impact within the communities of diversity – August 2024

December 2024 – Young Kings, Inc. Community

Young Kings is dedicated to empowering at-risk youth and those in need by raising funds to provide essential support, resources, and opportunities for growth and success. Join us in making a difference in the lives of children who need it most

December 2024 - Dell Technologies & Young Kings, Inc. Diversity Panel

What do we want?

How You Can Help

Dream Sheet


Defined Intern program to introduce student athletes and athletes of diversity into Dell through internships and mentoring

Corporate Sponsorship

Access to funding to assist with the Ties to Technology program to expand the area of reach and impact

Executive Mentorship

Executive mentorship guides diverse students through college and into their first corporate job, illuminating pathways to success and fostering resilience. Mentors share insights to build confidence and navigate professional landscapes effectively.

Access to Technology

Access to technology equips students of diversity and student-athletes with essential skills and knowledge, ensuring they remain competitive in the workforce after college graduation, bringing some of the most innovative minds to the corporate workplace.