Young Kings, Inc. is dedicated to the improvement of society.  Young Kings and Queens are set apart and have dedicated their lives to the improvement of their communities, families, themselves, each other, and those around them.


Young Kings, Inc. is comprised of professionals from a various backgrounds. The organization is non for-profit  and is supported by volunteers who are committed to the development of the next generation.  


Young Kings, Inc. was founded in 2007 and has successfully mentored over 200 high school students many of whom have graduated college and have started their careers.  Some of these students started as college athletes and played in the NFL, XFL, CFL, and overseas leagues.  


Each year the board agrees to identify new students with potential talent within the community for development. The program hosts a number of workshops whose primary focus is mentorship and providing opportunities that will enable them to reach their personal career goals.

About Us

Meet the Board

Nathan Howard


Quante Ferguson

Vice President

Michael Carson

Vice President

Margit Howard


Antoine Griffin

Business Analyst


Dr. Steve Primus



Target groups for YKYQ Candidacy (High School, University)


STEM Student

Student Athlete

Underserved Community


Natural Leader



Humble and Hungry


Interest in Tech and or Business

3.0 GPA and Higher

Active in the Community

Mentor to HS YKYQ

Active in YKI

Seeking Internships




Where we have been and where we are going


In 2014, YKI expanded its scope to create a network of college coaches to provide very specific exposure to student athletes

Ties To Technology and COVID-19

Expansion of virtual mentoring events to support the youth during COVID & provide the youth a voice for equality


The organization was founded in 2007 with the initial goal to provide young men mentorship and training towards their athletic collegiate goals

Ties To Technology

In 2019, the organization expanded its scope to build a network for Young Queens specifically in technology & to create a career path for the youth who have been mentored


2022 will be focused on expanding and building business partnerships

What we do

Our Work

Ties To Technology

The Ties to Technology program increases access to students in the area of technology. The program focuses on public speaking, first impressions, and dressing for success.

Community Service

The Young Kings and Queens are dedicated to impact their community by organizing events to help the elderly, those who are less fortunate, and other civic areas of responsibility. 

Mentoring Student-Athletes

YKI is dedicated to student-athletes and providing the right mentorship to young women and men who are working toward excellence. We believe with the right mentorship and extended networking we can improve their chances to achieve goals and a life time of success.

Holiday Drives

To whom much is given, much is required. Every holiday season, the Young Kings and Queens within the organization are given an opportunity to provide food and gifts to those in the community in need. This program would not be possible without the help of donors.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our goal is to empower athletic, academic and STEM students through mentoring, creating more opportunity and visibility to the areas of business, technology and fitness.

Get Involved

Become a mentor to support a Young Kings and Queens event or provide a donation. There are many ways that you can support our mission. Get involved now.

2022 Events

May - 5 - 2022 - Dell Technologies & Young Kings, Inc. Diversity Panel

Diversity Panel to identify and grow areas of impact within the communities of diversity – 5 May 2021

June - 19 - 2022 - Juneteenth CELEBRATION

Community event directed to impact members of society who have sacrificed to set the foundation for the current generation : 19 June 2022

August- 2022 - Ties to Technology

YKI and Dell sponsored event focused on STEM, Public Speaking, First Impressions and Setting Goals : August  2022

Take the Throne

Young Kings and Queens Alumni

Young Kings 2014

The entire Young Kings Class of 2014 was recruited, played and graduated from the University of West Florida. This is the original class of Young Kings and led their university to the National Championship

Young Kings 2015

The Class of 2015 received scholarships to play college football where they performed and received their college degree.

Young Kings 2016

In 2016, the Young Kings organization mentored college students and expanded the organization where many of the athletes began their careers and began their professional careers.

Young Kings 2017

The entire class of 2017 received scholarships to play football and participated in community service events.

Young Kings 2018

The Class of 2018 is on its way to success.  From performing in the classroom to playing football in college in both D1 and D2 on scholarship.  This group continues to remain active and give back to the community.

Young Kings and Queens 2019

The Ties to Technology event focused on students from New Orleans where the organization mentors in the area of technology, dressing for success, public speaking and goal setting.


Young Kings, Inc. continued to focus on members of the organization while extending the program to other cities to include Chicago, New Orleans, Tampa and Charlotte. In addition, during this year’s Holiday Drive, YKI in partnership with Dell Technologies provided a total of $17,000 to numerous families in the Tampa Bay Area.


Young King and Queen Notes

King and Queen Swagger

We represent for all the Young Kings and Young Queens in the world. We want to help make the world a better place for the youth, and to show everybody you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. . . you just gotta grind and have faith. Our clothing represents the light of the world: Wear The Crown.


The Young Kings and Queens are the strength of our organization. The voices of our kings, queens, and volunteers are the future of the next generation. Read the stories of our future leaders, this is their story.